I’m Not a Quitter: Why Leaving My Job Was The Best Thing I Ever Did

Let me just start with this: yes I quit my job. Yes, by definition, that makes me a quitter. But if you know me even just as an acquaintance you know that I am by no means a “quitter”.

Every night after getting off of work I felt drained mentally, physically, and emotionally. I was working in a position that inhibited my creativity and stunted my professional growth. On top of that, my philosophies didn’t fit well with the company’s so I often felt frustrated, which left me with a continuous sense of internal conflict. Ultimately I realized this company and I were not a great fit for each other and I decided that I needed to move on.

I learned a ton from my most recent employer – skills that will stay with me forever. I have no regrets about moving cross-country to start this job or for working there the past nine months. In fact, if I didn’t have this experience at my job I wouldn’t know what I really wanted out of my career moving forward.

I left my job for one main reason: I wasn’t happy.

Living a life that lacks happiness is no way to live. For me, a job just isn’t something that I do to pay the bills. I work because I want to. I work because it gives me a sense of purpose and shapes me into the person I want to be. I work to feel like I am giving back to the world in some small way. I work to make a difference.

I know so many people who are unhappy with their jobs, where they are in life, who they are becoming, etc. My one word of advice to you is: CHANGE! Change your job, change where you are in your life, change who you are becoming, change your attitude. What are you waiting for?

Darren Hardy, author of The Compound Effect, couldn’t have said it any better, “Everything you need to be great is already inside of you. Stop waiting for someone or something to light your fire, you have the match.” And that is one of the many reasons I quit my job.

Darren Hardy quote - Topaz & Sapphire

I have the ambition, the drive, and the motivation to (hopefully) do so many great things. Why was I waiting around for someone to get me to that point? I needed to take control of my own happiness, my own life, and my own career.

I quit my job without having anything lined up.

I quit my job not because I am a quitter, but because I am a go-getter.

I quit so I could be free to chase my dreams. I quit so I could invite positivity and strength back into my life. I quit so that I could be happy; so I could live up to my true potential. Quitting my job was the best thing I could have ever done.

Who knows what the next step in my career will hold – only time will tell! For now, I will indulge in the extra time to expand my horizons, explore my talents, try new things, find new friendships, and invest in old ones.

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