The Best Workout Playlist for 90’s Babies


I have a love-hate relationship with exercise. (Love the results, hate every minute of it).

One way I can better my workout experience is if I have some tunes to keep me pumped and going. I recently put together a playlist that I am really diggin’ at the moment. Click here to listen to it or download it on Spotify.

Hit play & get your sweat on!

WARNING: If you do not enjoy 90s R&B then you probably won’t like this playlist. But if you don’t like 90s R&B you’re probably not human either…

(P.S. Even though I was born in the 80s, I was raised on 90s music. This playlist is inspired by hits of the decade and artists who were hot during that time period and are still producing great records, with the addition of a few new-school joints).

What are some of your go-to workout jams? Leave your suggestions or links to your Spotify playlists in the comments below!

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  • Great post, great playlist. Think I will add a few of those to my schedule. Thanks for sharing

    • Latisha

      Thanks for reading! Would you like to see more workout playlists here in the future? I always have trouble finding ones that I actually enjoy when looking on sites like Pinterest.

  • What a fun playlist! I was definitely a child of the 90s and remember many of these fondly. 🙂

    • Latisha

      I’m glad you liked it! I think I’m going to make a couple more here on the blog.

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