The 10 Best Instagram Accounts to Follow

Scroll, scroll, scroll… The story of our lives right?

Instagram is a world full of illusionary filters, life comparisons, and if we’re being honest –  it can waste a lot of time we could be using doing more productive things. But, it can also be a great tool for inspiration and keeping in touch with family and friends.

It’s important not to live through your phone and to experience the real world, but technology is also a great resource for gaining insight into new worlds/cultures, discovering recipes, and inspiring great ideas.

We’ve won gift cards, made virtual friendships, learned how to sauté potatoes, and discovered great workouts all from Instagram – you’ve just got to know who to follow.

Here’s a list of the 10 best Instagram accounts we think our readers would enjoy following. Scroll away!



Lindsay Ostrom makes healthy food look and taste amazing. Her recipes are innovative and flavorful, and chock full of real food to fuel your body and satisfy your tastebuds.

PHOTO SOURCE: @pinchofyum

PHOTO SOURCE: @pinchofyum



The Everygirl is “the life map for Everygirls everywhere.” We follow the website and it’s packed with career advice, fashion pointers, interior and home decor, financial tips, and more. It was listed by Forbes as a top 100 site for women.

PHOTO SOURCE: @theeverygirl_

PHOTO SOURCE: @theeverygirl_



Usually fitness accounts are brimming with gym pictures and photos of a week’s worth of meal prep in tupperware. Since Nike is a brand, this account is informative and inspiring, while still being aesthetically pleasing. It makes you want to go out and just do it.

PHOTO SOURCE: @nikewomen

PHOTO SOURCE: @nikewomen



Create & Cultivate is an online platform and conference for female entrepreneurs in the digital space. Every few months it hosts a conference in a U.S. city where hundreds flock to hear panelists, network, and make lasting friendships. (The swag bags don’t hurt either).

PHOTO SOURCE: @createcultivate

PHOTO SOURCE: @createcultivate



Haleigh Chastain Walsworth is an American photographer and videographer living in Paris. She works for Lancome and her snippets of life in City of Lights is not to be missed. 

PHOTO SOURCE: @makingmagique

PHOTO SOURCE: @makingmagique



Verily Magazine’s account alternates between posting artistic still lives and inspirational quotes on top of photos. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been moved by the words I’ve read. It’s just a little daily pick-me-up.

PHOTO SOURCE: @verilymag

PHOTO SOURCE: @verilymag



Author of STYLED the book, interior design stylist extraordinaire Emily Henderson is not only talented, but funny. Her captions never cease to amuse and she always finds a way to tie them in (no matter how loosely) to the projects she’s working on.

PHOTO SOURCE: @em_henderson

PHOTO SOURCE: @em_henderson



Matika’s account follows her journey to photograph Native Americans from over 562 tribal nations across the United States. Each picture posted is usually accompanied by a story of the indigenous person photographed.

PHOTO SOURCE: @matikawilbur

PHOTO SOURCE: @matikawilbur



Joy Cho is a mother, author, blogger, and designer and her life is full of color! How can you not be happy with the rainbow in your life 24/7? Follow her account to see what we mean and also check out her newly launched line at Target.





This one’s easy – drool over everything you see. Also they post quick tutorials occasionally and you’ll be a seasoned chef in no time.

PHOTO SOURCE: @bonappetitmag

PHOTO SOURCE: @bonappetitmag

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  • How am I not following any of these accounts?! Their profiles are all so beautiful!

    Mikayla | A Seersucker State of Mind.

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    This is so great! Totally following these. Thanks for sharing!

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  • What beautiful accounts! I love the Nike are doing some great things to empower women, we need more brands like that!

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  • these instagram accounts look amazing. I’ll have to follow them. Thanks!

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    Thank you for sharing!! I am just getting my instagram as well and LOVE beautofil photography!

  • I already follow three of these and I lovelovelove!! The everygirl is so lustable…haha!
    I’m @ericaligenza if you need another account to check out. 🙂

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