Sprucing Up Your Space for Spring

Spring is in full swing and it’s time to dust away the cobwebs of winter and embrace the sunshine. One of my favorite things about “spring fever” is getting a fresh start in my home. Here are 5 ways to spruce up your space for spring.

1. Add greenery/fresh flowers

IMG_3996 IMG_3999Is there anything better than having some fresh flowers on your table or mantel? (Aside from a dozen hot, glazed Krispy Kreme donuts). They just make me happy. Fresh flowers every week can get pricey, but you don’t have to shop the farmer’s market every weekend to bring the outside in. All the plants in my house except for one are *cough* … fake. (Including those succulents on that window sill). My lower-level apartment, which is very dark most of the day, isn’t the best environment for plants to thrive. The idea is to bring the cheeriness of springtime indoors, so go to Target or Michael’s and buy the best looking faux’s you can!


2. Switch out throw pillows & blankets

IMG_4133IMG_4132Throw pillows and blankets are a great way to add festive and seasonal charm. Think of furniture as a canvas and accessories like pillows and blankets as the paint for the kind of tone you want to set for your home for the season.


3. Brighten up kitchen table with a runner or placemats


Kitchen tables kind of feel naked to me without a runner or placemats. This is another simple way to bring the cheeriness of springtime right to the table in fun patterns and bright colors.


4. Clean out & organize your closet

PHOTO SOURCE// Bonnie Tsang, Design Love Fest

I typically put my winter clothes and boots into storage in the off season. Every time spring rolls around and I pull out my brightly colored tops and floral dresses, I make sure to go through my entire arsenal of clothing and giveaway or sell what I know I won’t be wearing this spring or next winter. It gives my closet room to breath and my wardrobe a fresh feeling.


5. Revamp your bookshelves


Over time we tend to accumulate things and just find a place for them. I do this a lot with books and knick knacks. Some books I buy, I’ll never read again and they just take up prime real estate in my book shelf. Other times, you may grow out of picture frames or accessories you once liked and it’s time to display things that are more “you.” I tend to revamp my bookshelf once every few months to give it a new look, a fresh take, and to weed out what I won’t be reading or loving anymore. This is how my bookshelf looked a few months ago.

Happy Springtime Sprucing! We would love to see your “shelfies,” so make sure to mention/tag us on Instagram at @topazandsapphire so we can see how you all styled your bookshelves for spring.

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  • Love these ideas! Never really thought about swapping pillows out for new seasons! I also color coordinate my closet 🙂

  • These are great suggestions to keeping your home looking fresh and rejuvenated. I need to try a few of them.

  • Seasonal decorating isn’t huge here in our household but I do love to spruce things up and keep it fresh.

    We’ve been in our new place for just over 10 weeks now and I am going crazy that I haven’t had the opportunity to go and check out the local florist yet. One thing that always makes me happy is a beautiful bunch of blooms on the kitchen table. I’m thinking that I might keep some in our living room too.

    It’s gradually getting colder here in Australia (though today is oddly warm at 28C) so we’ve been dragging out the blankets and throws. I wouldn’t mind getting some new ones though that are a little more ‘pretty’ so I don’t feel bad if they’re in a heap/draped over the couch.

    I hope your spring is a beautiful one, Latisha!

    • Latisha

      It’s so hard to be patient when you move into a new place, but also totally exciting as a new decorating evolution begins 😉 Have you ever thought of buying a pretty basket you could fold/stuff your throws in, even if they’re not super “pretty” a basket is functional while still being aesthetic and you wouldn’t have to buy new throws! Happy spring to you too Hollie!

  • Fresh flowers are a MUST for me! I need some new blooms asap!

  • Greenery is a huge one for me too! I don’t usually buy different things for different seasons, but I love re-arranging everything and maybe picking out a few flowers from our yard 🙂

    • Latisha

      I am just a pillow hoarder! So I pull out ones that are more “fitting” for the season. You could also always just go on Etsy and buy pillow covers, which is cheaper and an easy way to get a new “look” but I do love rearranging what I already have too. It’s like a fun game haha.

  • I would love to add greenery to my home in the spring but I always kill everything!!!!! 🙁

  • Fresh flowers are my FAVORITE. Like, I go way too nutso over them! There’s just something to be said for adding a little green. And I love switching out decor, too…it give you something to look forward to!

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