The Battle of Social Media

Battle of Social Media - Topaz and Sapphire

Recently, Australian Instagram celebrity Essena O’Neill decided she is quitting social media. She confesses via YouTube that social media is “not real life” and she feels that her “happiness” was only derived by the number of likes and followers she saw on Instagram. Although it appears that she lives a glamorous and dreamy lifestyle, she claims that her life was only staged to look that way. On the …

Pinterest Recipe Roundup

Pinterest Recipes by Topaz and Sapphire

There are thousands of recipes on Pinterest. Some are good, some are okay, and some are just downright bad. Here’s our curated list of a few tried and true recipes we’ve made from Pinterest that have satisfied our appetites.

How To Get Out of a Career Rut

Topaz and Sapphire Career Rut

Going through a career rut? Been there, done that. I know what it’s like and how frustrating it can be. I’m sure I’ll experience many more throughout my professional career, but here are five tips that have helped me through the ones I’ve experienced thus far.

Flying with a Puppy

Dog Carrier Tote Bag c/o Amazon, however all opinions on the product are my own. Flying with a puppy (for free) can be hard and nerve wracking if you’re unprepared. Since Charlotte is only one year old, her behavior can still be unpredictable. Sure, we could’ve paid the $300 for peace of mind and easy traveling, but I’d rather live life on the edge a little bit…which is why …

Quaint New England

When Brady and I landed in Boston, I felt like I was “home” in a way. It’s funny how certain places can start feeling like a home away from home even when you only visit a couple of times a year. I guess that’s one of the beauties of marriage and sharing a life together: your own home and family become each other’s home and …

Happy 26th Birthday, Tee!

Where in the world would I be without this girl? She completes me. She’s the water to my fire, my biggest listening ear, my personal eyebrow plucker, my saving grace when I don’t know what top to purchase at TJ Maxx (because I obviously can’t get all five of them). You were born into this world under tougher circumstances than most, but it’s made you a …