More Action, Less Posting – Why your status won’t change the world.


You know that age old saying, “Actions speak louder than words”?

I don’t think it could be more true or more pertinent than in this day and age.

More action, Less Posting

Recently, I’ve become inundated with society’s need to use status bars as the primary method of issuing stances on topics such as politics, religion, and/or current events. In the age of social media, it seems everyone is a critic or social commentator of sorts writing an op-ed.

Let me be clear- there is absolutely nothing wrong with having an opinion and/or conviction and feeling inclined to share it. Words are powerful. (I am a writer after all, hence this article). Words are a tool by which people can convey sentiments, thoughts, and opinions in an impactful way that also create lasting memories. Words are important. But so are actions.

If you want to take a stand for something, by all means, TAKE that stand. But literally, get up and off of the computer, and take an actionable stand with your body and mind (not just your fingertips in 140 characters or less).

What good ever came from getting into a debate via a Facebook thread? I’m telling you right now, whatever issue the argument stemmed from, it is not going to get resolved through your back-and-forth notifications.

Instead, try volunteering for your cause, attend a community discussion forum on issues you’re concerned about, submit an actual opinion piece to your local newspaper that requires research and thought, or simply turn off your device and think of ways in which you can be a real advocate for your ideals.

We all want to be heard- it’s human nature. If we feel strongly about something chances are we want to convey those sentiments, especially in this generation of virtual  “sharing.” Social media is a great way to disseminate information quickly and efficiently. It’s also a system that gives rise to complacency, because if we let people know we support/oppose something, we sometimes feel as if we have done enough. (I myself am completely guilty of this on occasion).

I’m committing myself to more action and less posting.

Imagine if people were as raptly inclined to go out into the community and take action, as they are to post about what’s in their hearts and on their minds.

Your status won’t change the world, but you can.

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