Kauai Eats

While visiting Kauai, Brady and I were able to eat out at some fabulous places. From brunch and desserts, to fancy dinners and hole in the wall restaurants, here is a list of all of our favorite places to eat on the island! Enjoy!

Fun fact: Ono in Hawaiian means “delicious” which is why half the names of these places have Ono in the name.

1. Kalaheo Coffee Co. & Cafe


His: The North Shore Breakfast | Hers: The Kahili Breakfast

I’m obsessed with brunch, so of course we Brady and I were on the hunt to find the best brunch place on the island. The savory Kahili breakfast that I ordered was not only scrumptious, but it kept me full for a really long time, which allowed us to pack in more activities this day. You know a restaurant is good when you see locals coming and going. I’m not a coffee drinker, but if you are this place is known for their coffee! So make sure to try some of that too when you go.

2. Koloa Mills Ice Cream


His: Chocolate Macademia Nut | Hers: Mango Cream

This place was scrumptious. We loved it so much we came here at least three times during our 5.5 days on the island. My favorite food is ice cream, and if I could I would eat their mango cream ice cream for breakfast. It was so refreshing and creamy. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of the flavors here.

3. Ono Restaurant


His: Coconut Banana Pancakes | Hers: Spinach Artichoke Omelette

I thought the spinach artichoke omelette was good…until I tried Brady’s coconut banana pancakes. Oh my gosh, they are TO DIE FOR. Sometimes bananas make my stomach upset, but in this instance I didn’t even care how my body would react later, these pancakes were too good to pass up. They cook bananas inside the pancake batter, top it off with more bananas, fresh coconut, and the most amazing homemade coconut syrup. I don’t care if you hate bananas or coconut or both, you NEED to try these flapjacks!

4. Koloa Shaved Ice


Shared: Pina Colada Shaved Ice

Refreshing and sweet, this frozen treat satisfies anytime of the day. There are a few other shaved ice places scattered throughout Kauai, but this one was my favorite. It’s a little bit pricier, but they have the best flavors and they don’t charge you more for the add-ons like ice cream or sweetened condensed milk.

5. Pizzetta

His: Seafood Fettucini | Hers: Cheese Pizza

My friend recommended that we go eat here, and I’m so glad we did. The service was phenomenal, the food was delish, and the ambience was casual yet warm. Most places in Kauai close around 8 or 9 pm, so it was nice that Pizzetta was open significantly later. This place was good, but not anything off the charts or authentic to Kauai.

6. Ono Char-Burger


His: Teriyaki Burger | Hers: Ono Cheeseburger

Be prepared for a long wait if you decide to come to this hole in the wall. In my opinion, the wait was totally worth it. We had to wait 40 minutes after we ordered to receive our burgers. The girl working told us before we ordered that it would be that long, but we decided to wait it out and order anyways. I’m glad we did – my cheeseburger was fabulous. Not to mention, the prices are fair ($4-$6 for a burger). Brady wasn’t head over heels for his teriyaki burger, but I honestly just think he was a little too hangry to have an honest opinion. I did order their papaya frozen drink, and it wasn’t that good – stick with the burgers.

7. Pink’s Creamery


His: Hawaiian Grilled Cheese | Hers: Hanalei Sunset

Located on the North Shore, this ice cream parlor is a very strong contender to Koloa Mills Ice Cream. I still can’t decide which place was better. We went in for ice cream, but ended up ordering a Hawaiian Grilled Cheese too. The sandwich was amazing not like any other grilled cheese I’ve had before. I highly recommend stopping here on your way to or from your Kalalua hike since it’s right on the way!

8. Keoki’s Paradise


His: Seafood Risotto | Hers: Prime Rib

We were trying to decide whether to go here for our fancy night out to eat, or to the Beach House. The Beach House is known for its on-the-beach location and the breathtaking views during sunset. We almost went there just for the location. However, when we went on our Napoli Coast boat tour, our captain told us the Beach House food was average; he suggested we go to Keoki’s Paradise if we wanted good food. We opted for the better food, and trusted the captain’s opinion. I’m so happy we did. The food was amazing. Best food we had on the island by far. In addition, the ambience was spectacular. No one ever told us what to expect as far as location, but it was beautiful! It’s not located on the beach, but the surrounding foliage, pond, and birds flying in and out of the inside-outside location made for such a fun experience. IMG_2897

9. Da Crack

His: Chicken Burrito | Hers: Homemade Nachos

This Mexican place hole in the wall was the biggest surprise. We were looking for something quick and cheap, but didn’t expect much from the food. Overall, the food was tasty but the most noteworthy item on their menu that had made me wanting to go back was their homemade chips.

10. Mark’s Place

His: Mark’s Famous Mixed Plate | Hers: Teriyaki Plate

If you’re looking for an authentic Hawaiian meal, this place is the bomb. If you’re a fan of L&L, this place is like that but 10x better. I loved my Teriyaki Plate, but if you want a little taste of everything try Mark’s famous mixed plate. Just so you’re aware, this place doesn’t have seating so be prepared to get it to-go.

Notable Mentions:

  • Lappert’s Ice Cream
  • Merriman’s Burgers & Fish
  • Passion Bakery

If you’re wondering what things you should do on the island of Kauai, don’t forget to check out this post! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

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