Happy Birthday Charlotte Barkley!

Yesterday, July 30th Miss Charlotte Barkley turned one year old! Brady and I both agree that we treat, spoil, and maul our puppy child like she is a human child, but we don’t even care. God bless our future human children’s cheeks and bums that they won’t get pinched off by the time they turn one.

Charlotte Barkley, thanks for adding so much spunk, pep, and happiness into our lives. You’ll always be our first born, our #1 girl! We love you punkin!

Now onto the puppy pawty we threw this spoiled nugget…

Charlotte Barkley's Birthday Charlotte Barkley's Birthday  Charlotte Barkley's Birthday

I was basically forced to make these birthday hats for Charlotte’s birthday party (but I’m not complaining because they turned out phenom!). When I went to Michael’s to get the supplies for this birthday garland (directions found here), I assumed they would have birthday hats to purchase. When I asked the girl at Michael’s where the birthday hats were in the store she looked at me stunned and said, “We have stuff to make party hats, but we don’t have them already made in a package.” I pretty much disgusted her by my lack of creativity. For convenience of not having to go to another store, I bought fun paper and used the left over yarn from the garland and voila these presh homemade birthday hats were born. I’m pretty sure I’ll forever make them now because the prints are way cuter than any pre-made birthday hats, #amirite!? Thanks Michael’s employee for making me make these things from scratch.

Charlotte's Birthday Cake

Recipe for the dog friendly cake can be found here. Charlotte absolutely loved her cake. I would suggest halving the recipe though. This thing came out bigger than expected and Charlotte was only able to eat 1/8 of it.

Charlotte's Birthday Party Charlotte's Birthday Party


If you don’t already know, I am my mother’s daughter. When I throw a party, I throw a party (even if it’s just for your puppy’s first birthday). So yes, of course I went all out with home made doggie cake, cheesecake, and decor…because #YOLO and #ILikeToParty. Comment below if you want the cheesecake recipe, it’s a family recipe that’s to die for.

Charlotte's Birthday Party  Charlotte Barkley Turns 1! Charlotte Barkley Turns 1! Birthday Party Guests

Here’s to another 98 doggie years spent together! Love you so much Charlotte girl! For more #TooCuteInABoot baby puppy pictures, follow us on Instagram! We’ll be doing a Instagram photo contest/giveaway in August, so stay tuned for details on how to enter!

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  • Hahaha Cassie…. this is so you. I’m super impressed by your party throwing skills. Tell Charlotte happy birthday from me and Amaya!

    • Cassie

      Awww thanks! Wish you and Amaya were here to celebrate in person with her! She misses her puppy pals.

  • This is so cute!!! I throw birthday parties for Lexie and Jackson too 🙂 I’m super impressed that you made her pup cake!! I always purchase theirs but you’re making me want to try and make one myself this next year for their birthdays.

    xo, Laura @ Have Need Want


    • Cassie

      Haha thanks Laura! Glad I’m not the only one who throws my puppy a birthday party!

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