Happy 26th Birthday, Tee!

Where in the world would I be without this girl? She completes me. She’s the water to my fire, my biggest listening ear, my personal eyebrow plucker, my saving grace when I don’t know what top to purchase at TJ Maxx (because I obviously can’t get all five of them).

Topaz and Sapphire

You were born into this world under tougher circumstances than most, but it’s┬ámade you a fighter and that’s what I love about you most: your endurance to push through, no matter what the challenge. You are the best biggest sister, (obviously) mom’s favorite child, and a thoughtful friend.

Cheers to you cheetah sister! Happy 26th birthday! XOXO

To commemorate her birthday, I interviewed Latisha and asked her some reflective questions about life and celebrating another year. Click play below. If you don’t want to listen to the entire thing, I’ve included what time cues to play each question below.

0:33 What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

1:10 If you could go back 10 years, what advice would you give yourself?

1:55 How would you compare your childhood dreams to where you are in life now?

2:20 What’s going to be your next home purchase?

2:40 What are you most looking forward to in your 27th year?

3:10 What’s your biggest pet peeve and has that changed?

3:35 Will you continue sleeping with your blankies this year?

4:25 Would you rather get arrested and spend a night in jail or give birth to a baby tonight (sans 9 months of pregnancy)?

4:50 If money wasn’t a factor, how would you celebrate your 26th birthday?

5:11 BLOOPERS (if anything watch these…they’re hilarious if I do say so myself hahaha)

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