Don’t Let Your College Major Define Your Career Path

I chose to major in business marketing because it was practical and versatile. I thoroughly enjoyed the curriculum in the business school while attending BYU. However, I always wondered how my career would be today if I majored in French, or graphic design, or psychology, or if I decided not to go to college at all. All of these things are interesting to me and I want to learn about them all, but I chose business because that meant the biggest job security.

My formal education is extremely valuable to me however, just because I choose to obtain a degree in marketing that doesn’t necessarily mean I am solely limited to a marketing career path.

floral quoteI love marketing, I love working with people. I love the community created by marketing. However, my lifelong dream isn’t to work at a marketing agency. In all actuality I’m not even sure what my lifelong dream looks like. I do know though that my career progression does not have to be linear within marketing.

I’m allowed to learn and develop skills in other areas. In fact, I want to create. I want to discover. I want to travel and learn about different cultures. I want to build my own brand. I don’t want to work for someone else my entire life.

My point is, don’t let your college major deter you from doing things that you love. Don’t think your career needs to follow a certain process. Determine what success looks like to you, not to someone else. Dig deeper, self discover, and find out what truly makes you happy.

For you college kids trying to figure out what to major in, don’t stress so much about it. You’re main goal in college shouldn’t be to create a blueprint for your entire life’s journey, but rather it should be to learn how to learn. Remember that your college major isn’t your resume. Your resume is a set of skills (1). You will develop skills your entire life, not just in college or jobs related to your major.

With technology, the internet, and the countless resources readily available at our fingertips, the possibilities and opportunities to learn new skills are endless. Don’t let your college major stifle your progress from doing what you want to do. Let your education fuel you to learn more and to do more. Make your work life fit your life life (1). It’s simple – when you align your passions with your work, your work won’t feel like work.

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  • I majored in Public Administration and Social Science but I work at a software company as a Technical Writer. Your degree definitely isn’t a limitation unless you make it one.

    • Cassie

      Totally agree. Thanks for reading Ashley!

  • Love this post! I agree–you need to be able to learn and soak up information rather than just check off a bunch of required courses to get you that particular job.
    Jobs want to know that you can apply yourself, and yes, some you can only get from very specific programs, but the majority of the time if you’re creative you can make it work!
    love the post!
    Rebecca Lindenbach

    • Cassie

      Thanks Rebecca! I always love hearing what readers think. Glad you can relate!

  • Oh I love this. When I was in school I definitely thought I would end up being a PR person somewhere or a creative at an ad agency. Which, obviously could still happen, but I love being in marketing for now! It’s not what I majored in but it’s close enough. 🙂

    • Cassie

      So glad you got into marketing! Without Fit we wouldn’t have gotten to be friends! Miss you girl <3

  • This is a wonderful post. As someone who didn’t know what they wanted to do the entire time I went through undergrad, grad school, and even now most days I appreciate the honesty. I also have these conversations with my brothers who are now sophomores in college. Will definitely have to share that it’s not just me who feels this way 😉

    • Cassie

      Thanks Becki! And yes please relay the message onto your little brothers. It’ll make them less stressed to choose a perfect “major.” Thanks for reading! Love hearing your feedback.