5 Tips That Will Nail You A Second Job Interview

Job Interview Tips - Topaz & Sapphire

Interviewing for a job is something not many of us do very often, so when the time comes for an interview, you can feel a little rusty and not on top of your A-game. Here are a few tips that’ll help you feel prepared and confident the next time you go into a job interview.

Amsterdam in December

Amsterdam Things to Do

Oh Amsterdam, where do I even begin? Your canal-lined streets, smiling and insanely tall dutch residents, and highly assertive bikers can’t be beat. I’ve never visited a place for the first time while simultaneously feeling right at home. While there are some touristy things to do in Amsterdam, most things on the list are things that locals enjoy everyday. Here are my top 10 recommendations …

The Battle of Social Media

Battle of Social Media - Topaz and Sapphire

Recently, Australian Instagram celebrity Essena O’Neill decided she is quitting social media. She confesses via YouTube that social media is “not real life” and she feels that her “happiness” was only derived by the number of likes and followers she saw on Instagram. Although it appears that she lives a glamorous and dreamy lifestyle, she claims that her life was only staged to look that way. On the …

Flying with a Puppy

Dog Carrier Tote Bag c/o Amazon, however all opinions on the product are my own. Flying with a puppy (for free) can be hard and nerve wracking if you’re unprepared. Since Charlotte is only one year old, her behavior can still be unpredictable. Sure, we could’ve paid the $300 for peace of mind and easy traveling, but I’d rather live life on the edge a little bit…which is why …